Monday Review – Warby Parker

Hello there and happy Monday!

Recently, I have been experiencing the effects of poor eyesight. Years ago, I tried glasses and contacts, but lost the glasses and hated the contacts. Since then I have been living with slightly below average vision. I figured I needed to get an eye check up when I started noticing a decline in my ability to read street signs well, and when someone would wave at me on campus and I wouldn’t know who I was waving back at – or if they were even waving at me, for that matter. After getting a check up and it being suggested that I begin wearing corrective lenses, I found a wonderful company, Warby Parker.

The first great thing about Warby Parker is their “Buy a pair, give a pair” program. When you purchase a pair of excellently affordable glasses from Warby Parker, one of their partners funds a pair for someone in need. That alone had me hooked.

That comment about them being affordable? You bet! These glasses are high quality, stylish, and have excellent customer service for an unbeatable price. They start at just $95 and that price includes both frame and prescribed anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses. Not only do they have regular optical glasses, but they have a large selection of sunglasses.

Because Warby Parker has limited onsite sales establishments and does most of their business online, they offer an awesome Home Try-on option. You can order up to 5 pairs of glasses that will be sent to your home, free of charge, and with a prepaid shipping sticker to send them back. You read that right, the entire process to have glasses sent to your house to try on is completely free.

Finally, Warby Parker has excellent and fast customer service. Any e-mailing I’ve done with the company has been with a real person, and they answer e-mails within a few hours. Shipping is quick and your glasses will arrive in a very timely manner. I ordered my prescribed lenses on a Thursday and received them the following Monday.

If you’re looking for new glasses, I highly recommend checking out Warby Parker at

This is how the Home Try-on arrives. Baggies and glasses are labeled so you don't misplace them.

This is how the Home Try-on arrives. Baggies and glasses are labeled so you don’t misplace them.


Yay! They’re here!!

case and box


glasses in casecaseglassessleevethanks

Disclaimer: I posted this completely on my own behalf. I have zero affiliation with Warby Parker besides being a very happy customer!

*For those interested, the pair I purchased are Crane in Whiskey Tortoise


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