My First Blog Post

My first ever blog post…I guess I can start by telling you all a bit about myself in more detail than the “About” page.

I’m 22 years old, a senior at the University of Alabama and I’ll be graduating in May. Only ten days following graduation, I will be traveling to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to be an au pair for a family of six; mom (mum to them), dad, three sons aged 18, 15, and 4, and a daughter aged 2. I assume that this blog will soon be at least partially dedicated to posts on travel tips, packing tips, and stories of my experiences.

Up until last year, my plan was to go to Physician Assistant school after undergraduate studies, but that changed. School has never been my favorite thing. I love to learn new things, but I always had to work hard to do well, and if I didn’t love the subject, my grades reflected that. I started to realize – a little too late, honestly – that I wasn’t excelling in my science classes like needed to be a competitive student for PA school. I also knew it wasn’t my passion. I have always loved entertainment, whether it was entertaining others, or watching others perform. I never really understood that I could make a career out of working in something I loved so much, but I had a rather cliche epiphany at the beginning of my senior year: I’ll never be as young, uncommitted to anything/one, and ambitious as I am now. I have the opportunity, time, and resources to explore options and try my hand at working in entertainment. Unfortunately my major (Human Development and Family Studies) doesn’t really support what I want to do, but I have loved it, and it will provide me with another option of what I can do to support myself. I’ve always been involved in childcare in some way since a young age, and I really do love children. However, at this point in my life, it’s not a career goal I want to jump into directly following graduation.

In addition to loving television, film, and music, I am a makeup fanatic, and I love clothes, shoes and accessories, although my wallet doesn’t always feel the same way. So, a lot of this blog will be reviews, favorite styles, and possibly some tutorials.

I’m excited to get this blog started, and I hope it will be something others enjoy viewing as much as I enjoy filling it with my thoughts!


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